PIONEER WATERPROOF ADHESIVE (WPA) has been specifically designed for bonding furniture that is exposed to high humidity areas or water. It is a highly premium grade adhesive suitable for bonding Plywood (Marine & Commercial), Laminate, Particle Board, Veneer, Hard board, Wood, Medium Density Fibre board to each other where at least one of the Substrate is porous bonding. Pioneer WPA has 2 hours of boiling water resistance and 7 days of cold water resistance, hence it is suitably used for making furniture for Kitchen, bathroom, Wall Units, Boats, Ships, Sport goods, OEM’s, etc.

Product Features:


With excellent spread ability, it can give a minimum coverage of 50 – 55sq. ft. /kg under test conditions.


  • Appearance : White Viscous liquid
  • Grade : Waterproof Synthetic Adhesive
  • Viscosity : 24000 – 29000 cps (By Brookfield Viscometer at 30°C)
  • pH : 3 – 5
  •  Film : Clear & Transparent
  • Spreadbility : Smooth & Easy
  • Flow : Continuous
  • Bond Strength : Min 350 kg/ sq. inch

Areas of Application:

Specially recommended for use in Furniture of Kitchens, Bathrooms, Garden furniture, Toilets, Boats and Ships


500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10Kg 20 kg, 50 kg & 900 g Pouch

waterproof adhesive pioneer product
waterproofing sealant pioneer product
waterproofing sealant pioneer product