PIONEER MARINE ACRYLIC SPRAY PAINTS is a quick drying alkyd modified acrylic based aerosol paint used on various interior and exterior substrates.
It is a Marine Grade touch Up Spray Paint which is a fast drying paint based on thermoplastic acrylic and offers excellent adhesion, flexibility and UV resistance. It creates a Marine coating which is a type of protective coating which protects ships, vessels, tankers and other materials from rigours of marine environment. In addition it offers good resistance to almost all domestic chemicals like detergent, water, abrasion, heat etc.

Product Features:


Drying Time:

  • Touch Dry : 15 minutes (Dependent on temperature and humidity)
  • Hard Dry : 1 hour (Dependent on temperature and humidity)
  • Dry Film Thickness : 35-45 μm per coat
  • No. of Coats : 2 – 3 coats
  • Theoretical Coverage : 0.80 m2 per 400cc per coat (for dry film thickness of 40um)
  • Practical Coverage : 0.64 m2 per 400cc per coat (for dry film thickness of 40um)
  • Shelf Life : Up to 24 months in tight sealed container


  • Can be used on all kinds of metal surfaces
  • Automotive touch up
  • Ideal for small industrial parts & equipment
  • Art & hobbies
  • Photo frames & windows
  • Decorations etc.


Pioneer Marine Acrylic Spray Paint is available in 400 ml

acrylic spray paint pioneer product
application image of spray paint pioneer product