ELASTOSEAL HIGH GRADE WATERPROOFING SEALANT is a single component, ready to use elastomeric rubber sealant formulated for superior weather proofing and sealing of various construction joints. The material cures rapidly to a tough, full-bodied, elastic, waterproof seal that maintain its joint movement capability and adhesion for many years. Its advanced formulation is highly resistant to UV rays, temperature changes and cures to a paintable surface. It works on wet roofs and other surfaces that are not permanently submerged underwater.

Product Features:


  • Appearance : Grey
  • Solid Content : 76-78% by weight
  • Consistency : Thixotropic Paste
  • Ease of Application : Easy to Spread
  • Tack free time : 8-21 minutes
  • Cure Thru Time : 5-7 days
  • Elongation : 253 %
  • Shelf life : 18 months from date of manufacture


  • Pisil Pack – Easy to apply,No need for spatula, Reusable pack
  • Non sagging, Directly seal holes upto 1/2inch diameter. No need of fiber cloth.
  • High solid content, Last longer than other roof sealants.
  • Low shrinkage. Works on wet surfaces, Can be used during mild rain
  • Flexible, Able to sealmoving joints,
  • UV Resistance hence will not crack or chalk


  • Crack filling , Cement Sheet, Metal Sheets , Plugs seepage , Roof Tops , Construction
  • Seal holes, gaps & joints in roofs, gutters, flashing, downspouts & drain pipes.


85g, 250 g – Pisil Pack, 500g & 1 kg – Tin pack, 345 g – Cartridge pack

ELASTOSEAL NEW pioneer product