ELASTOSEAL DUCTING SEALANT is a single component, ready to use elastomeric rubber sealant formulated for superior weather proofing and sealing of various construction joints. The material cures rapidly to a tough, full-bodied, elastic, waterproof seal that maintain its joint movement capability and adhesion for many years.

Product Features:

ElastoSeal's 6-Point Advantages

Foil Pouch Design
Easy -to- apply; No need for spatula; Resealable foil pack.
Non- Sagging
Can directly seal holes with 1/2 inch in diameter; No need for fiber cloth
High Content Solid
Lasts longer than other roof sealants; Low Shrinkage
Works on Wet Surface
Can be used even there's mild leaking or rain
Able to seal moving joints
UV Resistant
will not crack and chalk

Technical Information

Areas of Application:

— Crack filling — Cement Sheet— Metal Sheets— Plugs seepage— Roof tops— Constructions -Ideal for sealing of roof, gutter, flashings, downspouts, drainpipes and PVC aircon ducts.


85 g pouch – 30 pcs per box, 500 g – 24 pcs per box & 1kg – 12 pcs per box.