chain lube pioneer product
application image of rc1 pioneer product
application image of rc1 pioneer product


PIONEER CHAIN LUBE is a powerful degreasing agent for all types of chains in automotive engines and machinery. It effectively removes all encrusted deposits. Its chlorine-free extreme grease removal formula is perfectly suited to O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring chains.

Product Features:

Technical Information

Areas of Application:

⦁ Penetrates into inside of chain linkages and roller parts — Provides condition to O- rings on heavy duty chains — Provides condition to O-rings on heavy duty chains — Superior protection for chain from rust and corrosion — Repels dust and dirt — Usage reduces friction, wear & tear of chain. Lubrication of chains, joints, connectors etc. Protection of components from corrosion due to moisture and humidityetc.Lubrication of chains operating in dusty / dirty atmosphere such as in Saw Mills etc. Long term lubrication of chains operating under seawater, steam etc.


50 ml (32 g), 100 ml (63.8 g) & 450 ml (350).